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ABC Sunshine Box


Preparing an ABC Sunshine Box for someone who is ill, homebound, or just in need of a little love and sunshine is so much fun. The box contains twenty-six small packages marked from A to Z and the recipient is instructed to open only one letter package a day starting with the "A" package the first day, "B" package the second day and so forth for twenty-six days.

Layer the little packages so that the end of the alphabet is on the bottom and the beginning of the alphabet is on the top. On the very top of the box place a cheerful card or note giving the instructions.

ABC gift idea list:

Apple, almonds (candy with almonds, chocolate covered almonds, etc.), aluminum (foil, etc.), atlas


Ball, banana (candy, chips, cake, etc.), bandage/Bandaids, basket, bath products, bubbles, basil, battery, Beethoven, beads, beans, brush, butterfly, book, bookmark, bell, bedroom shoes, birdseed, Bible readings chart, Bible talks


Cat toys, catnip, calculator, chocolate, candy, chips, cake, cookies, coffee, comb, CD of Bible Classes or Hymns


Decal, dog toys, doll, dove, duct tape, dry erase board, duster, dusting powder


Eraser, elastic, elephant, emery board, envelopes, epoxy glue, excersie, expresso, eye cup


Flower seeds, fan, feather, freezer bags, fish, fragrance, frog, fig, file folders, find-a-word book, fuzzy slippers, frame, fire, fork, flaxseed, foot cream, fly swatter, fox, fruit


Game, gardenia, Gladware, glass, glue, glow stick, gold, grapes


Hand cream, herbs, hymns, hug


Ice packs for picnic and lunch boxes, Iris


Jam, jelly, jewelry, Joy dishwashing liquid


Key chain, Kleenex


Lace, label, ladle, ladybug, lamb, lavender, leaf, lemon, licorice, light, lilac, lime, lint brush, locket, lollipop


Magazine, magnet, mug, mustard, mirror, microburst cleaning cloth


Napkin, necklace, nectar, needle, nickel, nuts, nutmeg, nail file


Oats, oil, olives, onion, organic, Oxyclean, oven mitt


Pen, pencil, pad, paint, parrot, penny, pig, pillow, pill box, pins, pinwheel, plant, pizza, pliers, poems, polish, postcard, postage stamps, powder, photos, prunes, puzzle


Quart size plastic bags, queen, Q-tips, quartz, quotes


Rabbit, raisin, readings chart, red, rice, ribbon, ring, rose, rooster


Sachet, sage, salt, scarf, scrubber, seeds, sew, sharpie pens, sheep, silver, soap, sponge, spice, spatula, spoon


Tape, tea, thread, towel




Vase, veggie, video, vinyl, vine, visit, violet, Vicks vapor rub


Walnuts, water, wine, whisk


Xyletol (sugar substitute), Xerox copies or paper


Yarn, yerba mate tea, yard stick, year-at-a-glance, yoga, yellow, yeast, yo-yo, Yankee candle, yellow jacket trap, yodel, yellow highlighter


Ziplock bags, zip code book, Ziggy comics


If you have any additional suggestions or ideas for this project, we would love to add them to the list.


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I will be serving Thee