They call it "going down the hill" when we are growing old,

and speak with mournful accents when our tale is nearly told;

they sigh when talking of the past, the day that used to be,

as if the future was not bright with immortality.


But Oh! It is not going down! This climbing high and higher,

until we almost see beyond, the Kingdom we desire;

for if the natural eye grow dim, it is but dim to earth;

the eye of faith grows keener to perceive the Saviour's worth.


Who would exchange for shooting blade the waving, golden grain?

Or, when the corn is fully ripe, would wish it green again?

And who would wish the hoary head found in the way of truth

to be again encircled with the sunny looks of youth?


For though in truth the outward man may perish and decay,

the inward man shall be renewed by grace from day to day;

they who are planted by the Lord, unshaken by their root,

e'en in old age shall flourish still, and still bring forth much fruit.


Is it not years that make men old; the spirit may be young

though "three score years and ten" the wheels of life have run;

God has Himself recorded in his glorious Word of Truth

that those who wait upon the Lord, "they shall renew their youth."


And when the eyes now dim and weak shall behold the King,

and ears now dull with age shall hear the saints victorious sing,

and on the head now hoary shall be placed the crown of gold

then shall be known the lasting joy of never growing old.