One of the joys that comes with old age,

And blesses a man and his wife,

Is the blessed event, when a daughter or son,

Receives a new "Bundle of Life."


The children of children are the crown of old men,

Saith Proverbs, Seventeen: Six.

And I'm sure this applies to a woman as well.

If it doesn't, she's sure in a fix.


Our little grandchildren are as sweet as can be.

And we love them with all our heart.

When they come for a visit, we spoil them, I know.

And we sure hate to see them depart.


When one of them climbs with a smile to my knee,

Saying, "Pappy, I really love you,"

It fills my old heart with pleasure so great,

That I simply don't know what to do.

You can have all your mansions,

your silver and gold,

All the pleasure of traveling, too.

But if I am loved by a little grandchild,

I'm a hundred times richer than you.

-C. Keith